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    In-Person Campus Visits

    Use the calendar to select available campus visit dates and times. 

    Campus Tours are offered on most weekdays and led by a current Providence College student. They last for approximately 75 minutes. You will have the opportunity to explore various campus buildings in addition to learning about academic and student life. Please know that these are modified campus tours that will include limited buildings and not include a residence hall or dining facility. 

    Information Sessions are only offered on Saturdays. They offer prospective students and their families who are in the early stages of the college search process the opportunity to learn more about Providence College's academic and co-curricular life, as well as gain insights into the admission, financial aid, and scholarship process. All information sessions are followed by a campus tour. The total time of an information session and tour is just over two hours.

    Please note: we do not offer standalone campus tours on Saturdays. All students must participate in the information session which will be followed by the tour.

    All campus visitors, upon submission of their registration, are required to submit a form agreeing to the following terms and policies. I agree:
    • Everyone in my party will wear a mask or face covering at all times while on campus and there are no exceptions (including medical) to this policy.
    • Everyone in my party will follow social distancing protocols and maintain six feet of separation from others while on campus.
    • I will keep the size of my party to four people total, including myself.
    • I will not bring additional guests who were not part of my visit registration.
    • I will follow the direction of members of the Office of Admission and any Providence College officials and will follow the established tour route and not request that it be modified.
    • Upon the conclusion of my official visit to campus, I will depart the Providence College campus.
    • Prior to arriving on campus, everyone in my party will complete a COVID-19 screening process which may include a temperature check. If any member of my party does not pass the screening, no member of my party will be able to participate in the campus visit and we will depart campus immediately.
    • Should any members of my party be diagnosed with or show symptoms of COVID-19 in the fourteen days following our visit to campus, we will notify the Office of Admission at Providence College so that appropriate steps may be taken to notify potentially exposed individuals.
    In accordance with State of Rhode Island guidance, we are unable to accommodate visitors to campus from outside of the United States or any states with a positivity rate of COVID-19 greater than 5%. The full list of excluded states is available here. Visitors from these states who have been in Rhode Island for 14 days prior to their campus visit are allowed to visit campus.
    NOTE: Campus visits are only available at this time for students applying for admission to the Providence College Class of 2025. All other students are asked to refrain from visiting campus. We are not currently able to offer visits to counselors from schools, community-based organizations, or independent counseling practices.

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